LuxeFlesh first annual Summer Silk Sale

how you can save 25% on #Luxury #Corsets with the first annual #LuxeFlesh Summer Silk Sale

Summer has finally arrived and at Luxeflesh, we are in the mood to celebrate. So we decided to do something special for our customers, old and new. This is why we are excited to announce the first ever, Summer Silk Sale! This rare sale gives you the chance to treat yourself, a friend, or a loved one to a LuxeFlesh Luxury Corset at a 25% discount.

Plan ahead and take advantage of the opportunity to grab that luxury corset now. Don’t scramble around at the last minute for your big Halloween bash, that special fall event, holiday party, or New Year’s Eve party. Get the perfect outfit now, at a great price! Be well prepared with an exquisite holiday, birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day gift. Take care of it well in advance, while saving 25%! Perhaps you just need a well deserved treat, give yourself that reward now and save!

The sale applies to virtually ALL corset styles in ANY Silk Brocade fabric. Please see our order form to place your order and to view our silk brocade selection, fabric #102-#127, also listed below:

102 – red dragon on red

104 – gold dragon on black

105 – red dragon on black

106 – black dragon on red

107 – silver dragon on navy

108 – pink dragon on white

111 – black plum blossom on black

112 – white plum blossom on white

113 – red plum blossom on black

114 – black blossom on red

116 – silver plum blossom on navy

117 – pink plum blossom on white

118 – pink plum blossom on black

121 – pink cherry  blossom on black

122 – red cherry blossom on  black

123 – gold vine on red

124 – pewter vine on lavender

125 – navy on navy geometric

126 – lavender on lavender geometric

127 – silver floral on black

Please note that we have limited stock of certain fabrics, so be sure to act fast! Should you order an out of stock fabric, you will be informed when we receive your order. The Summer Silk Sale ends August 3, 2015.