LuxeFlesh Lingerie Corsets Toronto – Bound by the finest.

Building on over 15 years of couture quality corset making, LuxeFlesh Corsets Toronto continues to grow and exceed expectations. All of our luxurious corsets are designed and hand made in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

At LuxeFlesh Corsets Toronto our commitment to quality remains and has only been heightened over the years. We are truly passionate and dedicated to producing the highest quality, comfortable, and fashionable garments. This has lead us to sourcing only the finest quality materials from around the world. We have also spent years perfecting patterns and construction techniques.

There are several features that set a LuxeFlesh corset apart:

Lining – All LuxeFlesh Corsets Toronto are lined in 100% cotton coutil, a strong fabric made specifically for corsets.

Fabrics – We use only the finest fabrics from around the world. Heavy-weight satins, Chinese silk brocades, thick PVCs and smooth leathers are some of the many fabric options to choose from.

Boning – Only quality steel boning is used in every LuxeFlesh corset. Strong, flat steel boning, sourced from Germany reinforces the front and back of each corset. Flexible, form shaping spiral boning, made in the USA, is used throughout the body of the corset.

Front Busk – All of our quality steel busks, used to close the front of each corset, are imported from Germany.

3 Layer Construction – Every LuxeFlesh corset is constructed with 3 durable layers. The outer fabric is fused with a high quality cotton interfacing, which adds extra strength and makes for a smoother finished garment. All corsets are fully lined with durable cotton coutil. Outer boning channels are also fused with interfacing, giving a smooth even finish.

Thread – All LuxeFlesh corsets are sewn with super strength thread. This makes for ultra strong seams.

Eyelets – Every LuxeFlesh corset laces up in the back. We use only strong, metal, 2 part eyelets, imported from the USA, with military quality finishes.

Lacing – Each corset is laced in the back with 8 yards of durable, flat, nylon cord.

Fine materials, quality workmanship and years of refinement are combined to make a truly authentic corset. A LuxeFlesh corset will give any body type a flattering shape and will last for years of enjoyment.